Thursday, October 15, 2009

Return Flight Details

Bangalore to London
British Airways flight BA0118
Departs 6:50am (India Time)/Arrives 12:35pm (London Time)

London to Chicago
British Airways flight BA0297
Departs 2:40pm (London Time)/Arrives 5:35pm CST

Chicago to Minneapolis
British Airways flight BA5077 (operated by American Airlines)
Departs 10:25pm CST/Arrives 11:45pm CST

A Fond Farewell

In my hotel room with less than an hour and a half left until I leave for the airport for my flight home is a good time to reflect on my time here in India.  It's fitting that I'm writing from my hotel room since this is where I spent the majority of my time.  That kind of saddens me, but I was still able to experience a lot of cool things when I did get out.

If asked to mention the highlights of the trip, I have a few that I could answer with.  I think that the trip to Goa, as intense as it was, would probably one of them.  Also, I would have to say that going out to watch the cricket match was a good time too.  Ultimately though I would say that work was probably the best part.

Since other than the hotel, the bulk of my time was spent working, it's only natural that most of my memories will be from that.  I worked an average of 49 hours a week and got to know my team pretty well.  It was always nice walking in & having all of them greet me with a smile & sometimes hand shakes.  They were eager to learn from me & appreciative of me being there.  It was pretty hard leaving them yesterday.  They all pitched in and got me a gift (a replica of the Taj Mahal in marble) and did a little ceremony to present it.  I'll definitely miss them.

So now I'm packed & almost ready to go.  I'm going to take a shower and then recheck (multiple times) that I have everything packed & I'm not forgetting anything.  Once I get to the airport, I'll be on another 30 hour adventure back home.  I'm time travelling a lot this time, since I'm packing all 30 hours of travel into the hours between 7am & 11:45pm Friday.  I'll miss the welcoming and smiling faces that always greeted me at work & the hotel, but I get to go home to the best smile in the world. 

My team on my last day

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here is a photo trip through our trip to Goa.  The weather could have been better, the timing could have been better, but over all I am happy I went. Enjoy!

The statues welcoming us at the airport

Little known fact that Bill Withers loved penguin trash cans.

The hotel "bar/restaurant" that we had to wait in for 5 hours for our room.

The beer that made the 5 hours worthwile.

The beer that made the evening worthwile.

Souza Lobo, the restaurant that we ate at our first night.

Our bedroom.  We made them separate the "king" bed into the two twins it really was.

The TV & wardrobe.

The toilet/shower room.

The shower.  "Hot" was just a suggestion on the faucet.

The restaurant at Anjuna beach.  First thing heard here "Would you like a room?  No? Hash...joint?" First thing said, " No, thanks"

Another shot from the restuarant.

The market with the most aggressive sales people in the world.

Anjuna beach.

Cliffs off of Anjuna beach.

Arabian Sea


Cow/parking lot.

Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea

Arabian Sea.

Beach goers/Sea

Cool rocks on the beach.

A cross on top of a rock.  Paraglider in the background.

Really cool rock by the beach

More Beach.

Cool rock.

Rocks, Lindsay, Paul.



Rocks, Paul.

More beach.

Beach & palm trees.

The market.

Sunset on Anjuna Beach.

Sunset & people on the beach.

A cow, in the street.

The view from the reception counter at the hotel.

A bar that I had to take a picture of for all you Bob Schneider fans.  I'm good now.

Church of St. Xavier, Old Goa.

Inside St. Xavier Church

Inside St. Xavier Church

Inside St. Xavier Church

Inside St. Xavier Church

Courtyard outside St. Xavier Church.

St. Francis of Assisi Church.

Cannon protecting the Canon.

Inside St. Francis of Assisi Church

Inside St. Francis of Assisi Church

Chapel of St. Catherine